Deus Ex Machina Laboratory

Demlabs is developing unique IT products based on C-code. The ideology of programming in low-level C languages is thriving in the company. It allows creating incredibly fast, reliable and secure services and applications. Our company employs people from all over the world because we respect everyone’s right to live and work where they want.

demlabs structure

B2B Solutions

For legal entities discount on tokens. White label for next generation VPN service. Enterprise blockchain licenses, integration and development of enterprise blockchain solutions. RiseVPN is a corporate VPN service.

Innovative Solutions

Our company is on the cutting edge of blockchain technology. Our DAP blockchain platform combines all modern features – multiple blockchains, sharding mechanism, bridging with other blockchains, and fast transactions without “gas”. Endless opportunities to start your project.

Blockchain Services

Convenient wallet for different tokens, “light” CPU-optimized mining, smart contracts for ERC20 and non-ERC20 tokens, and different types of coins – here are all you need!


We use the most advanced, future-oriented post-quantum algorithms in our blockchain products – such as Picnic, Crystal Dilithium, and –. All them are shortlisted by NIST and intended to resist quantum computing.


Dap Chain SDK

DapChainSDK and DapSDK for those who want to use the blockchain for their own purposes. A platform that can run a VPN, an exchange, streaming, distributed file storage, and whatever else comes to mind. We have tried to make the widest possible range of tools. PoS, PoW, PoA, distributed ledger without blockchain and consensus, post-quantum encryption algorithms. Currently, C, C ++ and Python are supported. Support for JavaScript and other languages is coming soon.

Dap Chain VPN

DapChain VPN technology is a next generation VPN service based on post-quantum blockchain. VPN is as anonymous as possible: no logins, registrations, passwords and emails. Since it uses distributed ledger technology, there is no single center for collecting, storing and managing information about the user and his actions on the network. Our VPN is based on post-quantum encryption algorithms, while other VPN services still use the legacy AES-256 algorithm. Even a quantum supercomputer cannot hack a DapChain VPN.



DapChain SDK

DapCash is the first service oriented, quantum computer resistant cryptocurrency platform with different coins, rapid, secure and multilevel sharding. Original DAP framework merged all the most important modern blockchain 3.0 technologies.​

DapCash will be interesting and close not only for IT-gourmets but also for ordinary users seeking for convenience and comfort. DapCash will please users with fast transactions possible thanks to multiple blockchain and a set of user services: VPN, audio and video connection, business tools, etc. And the private shards mechanism will allow everyone to create a private blockchain with its own token.


DapChain SDK

Cellframe is a project to create a fast, secure and easily scalable blockchain. Cellframe is based on the C-code as DapCash. Cellframe blockchain will also be quantum-resistant but it significantly differs from DapCash in characteristics and purposes.

In the Cellframe project, the main emphasis is placed on the following features:

  • “Multiple” blockchain consisting of subchains. Each subchain may have different attributes: consensus mechanism, token purpose, size and generation time of the block.
  • Sharding mechanism. Initially, there will be three subchains in the Cellframe blockchain architecture – Golden, Cell, and Plasm. The Golden subchain is a top-level subchain that stores all the fundamental and administrative information. In the subchains of other levels, it is already possible to have shards – parts of the blockchain that store information about transactions, smart contracts, messages, etc.
  • User-friendliness.
  • Unlike DapCash, Cellframe will not be mined.

Cellframe is independent project now.


DapChain SDK

DapWMS is designed for small businesses. Our software is easily customizable to the needs of your company. You pay for what you need – and nothing more.

DapWMS includes a built-in secure chat which can assign messages to specific tasks. Managers can check all employee communication to understand exactly what happened.

DapWMS is built on a new technology called blockchain, This allows data to be distributed across multiple devices, both PC and mobile, creating a robust, cheap, and maintenance-free data storage solution (learn more).


DapChain SDK

RiseVPN uses next generation encryption, which provides the maximum level of security in existence. Your messaging and data are safe with the latest and most cutting edge protection.

Having the most modern type of encryption means that you can rely on RiseVPN in the long term without thinking about changing vendors.

RiseVPN is built on an architecture written in C that ensures very low latencies and effective multi-core load balancing. As a result, RiseVPN will expend less system and network resources than competing products like OpenVPN.

We do not use any third party code in our network protocols. Well known vulnerabilities are no more a cause for concern. This is an important security advantage, as for many widely used vendors or technologies, hacking tools can be purchased on the dark web.


DapChain SDK

DiveVPN is a project of our IT-laboratory to create a decentralized VPN service based on the Dap platform. Even now, modern centralized VPN services can’t fully ensure the connection security and the user data anonymity. And with the advent of quantum computers, any standard VPN service can be easily hacked.

DiveVPN allows users to surf the Internet absolutely safely and completely anonymously currently and in the “quantum” future. Here’s what our DiveVPN will be fundamentally different from currently existing VPN services:

  • Decentralization and post-quantum cryptography. DiveVPN has an innovative approach to data encryption.
  • DiveVPN will implement onion routing and garlic data packaging. Data packets will be placed in a united stream and protected by at least two layers of encryption.
  • Additional opportunities for “obfuscation” of the traffic. Obfuscation of traffic looks like this: throwing back and forth someone else’s traffic, mixing with fictitious traffic, the use of ring signatures. All these tricks are necessary to ensure the highest level of anonymity.

Thus, we are developing an innovative and unique IT-product that aimed at meeting the urgent users’ needs for privacy and security not only now but also in the future.


DapChain SDK

KelVPN is based on the DAP decentralized blockchain platform.

Our VPN is based on post-quantum encryption algorithms, while other VPN services still use the legacy AES-256 algorithm. Even a quantum supercomputer cannot crack a VPN. Your transactions, browsing and conversations will never be at risk of a quantum attack. KelVPN employs advanced data protection techniques such as onion routing and data packaging.

Additional features of KelVPN are obfuscation, spoofing and mixing of fictitious traffic. All this provides an exceptional level of security and anonymity.

KelVPN is independent project now.


Creating a VPN solution from scratch is an extremely resource-intensive task, including time-consuming. The use of our ready-made solution allows our partners to get their own high quality products developed with all the security standards in a short time. In addition, we provide professional technical support, updates using our resources, and other types of new product support for our clients.Marketing and promotion of products to the masses is not within the competence of our team. Meanwhile, all our production facilities are involved in improving software products for users.

We offer to implement “almost impossible” – in a short time and at a relatively low price to get your own high-quality VPN. As our partner you are completely relieved of all technical issues related to the development, as well as further support and maintenance of VPN solution. As a result, our partners get new products with their own brand.


Individual branding

We will help you individually customise different aspects of your White Label product, from branding and aesthetics to language

Full application localization

Your new White Label product can be localized with graphics and languages that are in demand in your market

Dedicated support managers

A separate management team will accompany your project implementation

Simplicity and transparency

We will provide you with access to a web interface where you can manage your product licenses

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